FOCP Board Minutes, December 13, 2010

Friends of Clark Park Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, December 13, 2010
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Rosenberger Hall

Present: Ed Halligan, President; Brian Siano, Vice-President; Erin Englestad, Secretary; Fran Byers, Ben Gollotti, Darryl Stovall, Kathleen Turner

Absent: Michael Brennan, Sarah Coburn, Frank Chance, Past President; Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarayan, Linda Schnolis, Jonathan Snyder, Past President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Barbara Turner, Tony West

Guests: Danielle Denk, Milan Marvelous, West Philadelphia Urban Living Studio
Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

General News and Reports

Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia led a discussion of the progress the City has made regarding hePhiladelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The City has completed Phase One and will soon commence Phase Two (Northeast, West and Souhwest Philadelphia). They are currently completing a survey of West Philadelphia. Our FoCP Master Plan was forwarded to the Streets Department for consideration in the plan. Bicycle recommendations will be discussed at an upcoming Planning Committee meeting.

Danielle Denk and Milan Marvelous of the West Philadelphia Urban Living Studio presented a proposal they are developing to connect park space to the Schuylkill River via an extension of the Schuylkill River Trail and the development of a sister park, the Mill Creek Park. A motion was passed to endorse a feasibility study for the project and for the Friends of Clark Park to serve as fiscal sponsor for the study.

Status of A Park

Ed Halligan reported A Park construction and reopening is on track. We do not know when the lightas will be rstored. Construction barriers will likely remain intact until April. No large events will be held in Park A in 2011.

Committee Reports

Membership: Fran Byers reported that she and Tony West are currently updating the membership list and sending renewal notices.

Maintenance: Committee Chair Frank Chance is absent and unable to present a report. The issue of the FOCP Board having access to the Moon maintenance Contract was raised again. Ed Halligan will look into it.

Large events: Tony West reported the Committee will be having a follow-up meeting on Tuesday, December 21st. The Dept., of Parks and Recreation is vague about what to do with permit applications in 2011. The Committee will present recommendations to the department.

Kathleen Turner inquired about archival processes for the FoCP Board. Mike Brennan suggested creating an online wiki that board members could access. A small web task force will be set up for FoCP web presence and archival issues.

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