Welcome to the Friends of Clark Park Website!

Thanks for checking in! As you can see, we’re trying to use the Web in a new way. The new Website is designed to work more as a community forum, where people can post news, questions, and information about Clark Park and anything related. The menu bar across the top contains links to the information pages about Clark Park and the FOCP: history, old newsletters, FAQs, our bylaws, and the like. We’re still putting information up there.

The main area of the web page is our blog, where we’ll be posting news items as we get them. Bookmark this page. (In a month or so, we’ll change the site so the blog is the first page, For now, newcomers get this FAQ.) Anyone can submit a post, so if you see a news item or event announcement, or want to notify your neighbors about something important involving Clark Park, please use the “Submit News ” link above to write it up. The post will be reviewed an FOCP board member before being posted.

But anyone can comment on the posts. The Friends of Clark Park is the community’s forum for discussing park issues, and that’s what we want for our website.  If you have questions, comments, whatever, click on the “Leave a Comment’ link at the end of the post and tell us what you think!

You can also, use this site to recirculate posts as well. At the bottom of each post is a string of icons, which will enable you to repost news items to Facebook, Twitter, and Shareit, as well as email it to friends. We really urge you do this, because the more people who know about what’s going on in Clark ark, the better.

Along the right hand side of the site, you’ll see widgets that enable you to check our Google calendar and search posts according to Categories. Eventually, we hope to enable you to subscribe to the site via email or RSS feeds, purchase mugs and shorts and other merchandise, and even join the FOCP via Paypal.

But for now, we hope that you’ll bring all of your Clark Park-related ideas, concerns, complaints, memories and  proposals to this new site. Thanks for checking in, and once again, welcome.

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