Migrating Mailing Lists: Question for FOCP Members

As one of the site managers for the Friends of Clark Park, I’d like to ask your opinion on a feature we plan on implementing soon.

The FOCP currently maintains an email mailing list of its members which we use for announcements. However, this new website system offers us the ability to let people _subscribe_ to the site. People can receive emails notifying them of new posts.

When we implement this “subscribe” feature, I would like to set up subscriptions for all the FOCP’s members. Most members get emails from us on the old list to begin with. It’d save you all some work, and it’d ensure that no one gets left behind.

But, I do not want to subscribe anyone to a list without their consent. So, please, let us know what you think of this feature— whether you want to be subscribed or not, any alternate suggestions you may have, whatever. Please leave comments (by clicking on “Leave a Comment” below).

And this will also demonstrate how this site can facilitate community discussion.

Thank you,
Brian Siano
Vice-President, Friends of Clark Park

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