Minutes of Jan. 24th Membership Meeting

Friends of Clark Park Members Meeting
Monday, January 24, 2011
7:00 – 8:30pm
Griffith Hall, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Present: Ed Halligan, President; Frank Chance, Past President; Brian Siano, Vice President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Sarah Coburn, Fran Byers, Darco Lalevic, Douglas Naphas, Daryl Stovall, Kathleen Turner, Tony West

Absent: Jonathan Snyder, Past President; Ben Gollotti, Chip Natarajan, Linda Schnolis, Barbara Turner

Guests: Lieutenant Brian McBride, Philadelphia Police – University City Substation

Announcements and Introductions

Lieutenant Brian McBride, Philadelphia Police – Lt. McBride gave the group an introduction to the Philadelphia Police force and their general interaction with and monitoring of Clark Park. He passed out crime tips and contact information. Lt. McBride gave a short presentation on how to stay safe in the area. He answered questions. Lt. McBride can be contacted at brian@universitycity.org.

Darryl Stovall, new Chair of Planning Committee: PlanCom will meet next Monday, January 31st at 7:00pm. Contact Daryl with questions or suggestions.

Darco Lalevic, Board Member – presented as new member of Board of Directors. Darco grew up in the neighborhood and works at the University of Pennsylvania in Wharton’s computer group.

Frank Chance, Past President – The Dickens Birthday event will be held on February 6th. Readings will be performed by professional actors and actresses. Frank will be the MC. Highlights will entail Victorian music and delicious food.

Brian Siano, Vice President – Brian presented the Web Site Committee Report. We would like to have a more active, vibrant website. This new website will preserve archival material as well as current interactive information for the membership. He presented the possibility of phasing out the newsletter. The website will offer an online Wiki for the Board’s internal use. A survey of membership was proposed to see how many people have electronic access or a possible opt-out option for the newsletter.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Moriarty reports that this is a low activity time. We have $6,106 available in cash funds. We are currently up to date with our Brian Hanes account. We are waiting on Jim Roebuck money. Web hosting costs $162.00/yr.

President’s Report: Ed Halligan presented an update on Park A and Large Events in 2011. He has been told by a city official that the remainder of the work should be completed in March, weather permitting. Ed will bring a drainage issue to the partnership meeting. The Board made a recommendation that no large events take place in A Park in 2011. A Garden Committee will be required in the spring, as FoCP, with the help of Tammy Leigh DeMent and PHS, has secured a grant for a long garden along the western edge of A Park. Maintenance must come from the community.

Old/New Business: Tony West presents – FoCP Knit Caps for Sale! University City Historical Society is possibly interested in doing a memorial in 2013 of the Slattery Hospital.

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