Park A Reconstruction News, Feb 2011

We’ve had some requests for a better update to this website, especially regarding the Park A Reconstruction. So here’s the latest we have.

First of all, the fence is probably going to stay up until May. We know that’s not terrific news. The original plan was that the grass seed would have been spread in early or mid-November, after the paths were laid down, because that would have been the latest time of the year for grass seed to have a chance to take root. However, the city delayed about a month before starting construction, which delayed the progress to the point that a fall seeding wasn’t feasible. This means that the seeding will have to happen in early Spring, probably March or April. The fences will stay up for six weeks after that to give the grass a chance to flourish. So we expect the fences to come down sometime in May.

The FOCP Board also resolved to request a moratorium on issuing permits for large events in Park A during 2011. If Parks and Recreation agrees, events requiring permits that would normally be in Park A (the May Fair, the Uhuru flea markets, the Capture the Flag games) will be moved to Park B, just south of Chester Avenue.

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