Trash and Recycling

Friends, we often walk through the park and notice that the trash and recycling bins are full. Our SMA (Seasonal Maintenance Associate) does his best to keep up with them, but especially when the weather is bad, or on long weekends (like this one) he can fall behind. By the way, the summer SMA (Thomas) works full-time in Clark Park, and the winter SMA (Doug) works part-time at Clark Park and part time at Malcolm X Park. Their salaries and benefits are paid for by the Parks & Recreation Department and the University City District, and they do a good job of keeping the parks tidy.
However, you can help them a lot. If the trash cans are full, DO NOT put trash (other than cans and bottles) into the recycling cans! On the other hand, if you go by a trash can that is full of cans and bottles, you can always move them into the recycling! And, if you are part of a gathering, picnic, or other event in the park, the best way to handle trash and recycling is to take them out with you. Next best is to bring a trash bag with you and leave your refuse tied up beside the cans in the park. That way the cans do not fill up too quickly. Last but not least, if you notice a lot of trash, a phone call or email to one of the groups that help take care of the park (Parks&Rec, UCD, USP, or FoCP) can alert us and we can take appropriate action.
See you in Clark Park!
Frank L. Chance, Past President

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