Farmers’ Market is Back in Force in Spring!

Jon Glyn of the Food Trust has sent us the following announcement:

“I guess I’d just like to remind everybody that the market is still there. We survived the winter. And we’ve even got green stuff on the tables. One of the first signs of spring is the arrival of Brogue Hydroponics. They can be found right next to Honest Tom’s Taco truck.

Thanks to their incredible system of hydroponic greenhouses, Brogue Hydroponics is always the first to market with lettuce and herbs. They are famous for their butterhead lettuce. And their herbs are unbelievable. Ask to nibble on a little mint leaf and it’ll taste like you put a whole pack of gum in your mouth. They also supply many restaurants with their produce, including all of the Hershey restaurants. Yes, even the fancy, famous Hershey Inn. Scott, the Brogue farmer, who comes to Clark Park is great to talk to if you have any questions.

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