New South Wales had a Dickens statue all along!

The NSW Dickens Society, with the recently-restored Dickens statue.

Our statue of Charles Dickens may be unique in many ways, but it isn’t the only one in the world. On February 7, 2011, The Dickens Fellowship of New South Wales, Australia unveiled a restored marble statue of the novelist, commissioned by Sir Henry Parkes, as one of eleven statues to celebrate the 1888 centennial of European settlement in Australia. The statue had stood in Centennial Park for almost eighty years before vandals beheaded it. This prompted authorities to put it into storage around 1970. The storage company went bankrupt, and the statue eventually wound up on a private estate. The restoration process required sculpting a new head out of carefully chosen Carerra marble.

Here are three news items about the statue’s recent rededication.


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