Parks Alliance makes progress on Parkland Protection

We recently received the following announcement from the Parks Alliance:


The Philadelphia Parks Alliance has long advocated for the creation of guidelines concerning the protection and use of parkland and resources.

Yesterday afternoon City Council’s Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs adopted Bill No. 110002, concerning the protection of parkland.

The Bill, which contained a minor amendment, was voted out of committee for first reading at City Council’s session today. We will keep you informed about next steps as we learn more. Click here to read the Bill. For additional information on the Open Lands Protection Ordinance, visit the Parks Alliance’s website at:

The leadership of Councilmembers Reynolds Brown and Clarke along with that of Mayor Nutter, has laid the groundwork for this legislation. This Bill is the outgrowth of a broad-based reform initiative that has included robust dialogue between City Council, the Administration, the Commission on Parks and Recreation, department staff, park and recreation advocates and the people of Philadelphia.

The Parks Alliance thanks the members of the Commission on Parks and Recreation, specifically Debra Wolf Goldstein and Nancy Goldenberg for their enormous effort in creating an ordinance that reflects best practices while balancing the input, experience and concerns of citizens; government officials; the City’s Law Department; and key stakeholders.

Thank you to you as well for all that you do for Philadelphia’s parks and recreation,

The Parks Alliance

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