Bike Racks: As though we’re not doing enough…

Another project the Planning Committee’s looking at is the installation of bicycle racks in Clark Park. It’s an important project. The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia recently released a report that commuting by bicycle in Philadelphia has increased by 151% over the last ten years, and that our city has twice as many bicycle commuters as in any other U.S. city.

This past February, the FOCP agreed to be the fiscal sponsor for a feasibility study for a proposal to connect our neighborhood to the Schuylkill River Trail. This project has been devised by Danielle Denk and Milan Marvelous of the West Philadelphia Urban Living Studio (see

Bike rack from Kensington

In the past, we have considered installing those standard “Greek Key” backs along the perimeter of the Park. But we’re considering something a little more distinctive. For example, the New Kensington Community Development Corporation had local artists design bicycle racks. Also, one of our neighbors has asked about the installation of a memorial bike rack for a recently deceased friend.

And really, we just don’t want people wrapping Kryptonite locks around our younger trees. It’s not good for them.

So this Spring seems like a good time to evaluate the installation of bike racks in and around Clark Park. We’d like to hear from the community about this. Is this worth doing? Are there any locations you’d prefer for bike racks (or locations where bike racks should not go)? Are there designs you prefer, or don’t want? Let us know!

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