Farmers’ Market: “Beginning of the Season”

The Food Trust’s Jon Glyn writes:

Gina Humphreys of Urban Girl Produce

“One of the drawbacks of running a year-round open farmers’ market is that we don’t get a big Opening Day event. I always think of the Spruce Hill May Fair as the beginning of the farmers’ market season at Clark Park. It’s always such a great day and, by that time, the farmers’ tables are full of fresh green things: asparagus, lettuce, spring onions, herbs, green garlic and lots more. I shouldn’t forget the red stuff too, like rhubarb and greenhouse tomatoes. Which reminds me: strawberries are only a few weeks away.


Fahnestock Family Table

Anyway, let’s call this Saturday the beginning of the season. Gina Humphreys of Urban Girls Produce begins her season this weekend. She’ll be at her new spot where Keystone used to set up. The Fahnestock family also returns, which means we can all expect to see greenhouse tomatoes and basil plants. Pennypack Farm will begin their weekly schedule again. We’ll also have two cameo appearances from Two Gander Farm, who make several different varieties of honey, and Sunny Side Goat Dairy, who will be selling goat milk and goat cheese.

The Thursday market starts the first Thursday in June too.

Hope everybody has a great time at the May Fair.”

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