FOCP Board Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2011

Friends of Clark Park Board Meeting

Monday, May 16, 2011, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Rosenberger Hall, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Present:  Ed Halligan, President; Frank Chance, Past President; Brian Siano, Vice President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Fran Byers, Sarah Coburn, Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarajan, Daryl Stovall, Barbara Turner, Kathleen Turner, Tony West

Absent: Darco Lalevic, Ben Gollotti, Linda Schnolis

Guests: Ali Hoehne and one other rep. from Uhuru Flea Markets

Juliet Marcella – Wayfinder Experience, capture the flag

Announcements and Introductions:

Ed Halligan, President – Ed presented the newly arrived grass signs. These signs ask park enthusiasts to “Give the Grass a Chance” for several weeks. The Central Plaza will also be a larger area for public events. There was discussion of how long the signs would specify and if dates would be written on the signs.

It was announced that the official reopening of Park A will occur on Thursday, June 16th. This date has been secured on the calendar of Deputy Mayor Michael DiBerardinis.

Committee Reports:

Large Events Committee

Tony West, Chair – Barbara McCabe is seeking the direction of the FoCP because of concern raised over a bare patch of grass along 43rd & Chester Ave. She wishes to know the Board’s recommendation regarding two outstanding Uhuru permits for flea markets in June and August. Discussion ensued regarding use of the area. Tony West moved that the following be sent to Barbara McCabe, Daryl Stovall seconded, and the Board approved unanimously: The Board recommends: Parks and Rec should honor the June and August permits for Uhuru to have access to B Park in June and August and increase maintenance of the park to reflect the high current usage pattern of the park. The Board recommends a comprehensive study to be conducted by Parks and Rec to examine aggregate total wear of the park, as the damage to the park is not likely only reflective of individual activities/events (i.e. flea markets, soccer, capture the flag) but total usage by and large. In order to properly maintain and manage this resource we need first to understand its total usage.

It was also noted that the area in question on the eastern edge is beginning to grow back a bit with the springtime. The park is a victim of its own success and aggregate total wear, not just one or two special events.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Moriarty, Treasurer – Of note this month was payment for the new furniture for A Park, which will be seven café tables and 100 bistro chairs.

Membership Committee

Fran Byers, Chair– Fran reminds everyone to update their membership to FoCP.

Website Committee

Brian Siano, Chair – Brian reports that the website is growing in popularity and is being recirculated much more widely than the previous site due to the WordPress functionality. Some comments have been somewhat negative, but overall it is good to have feedback and lively discussion of any kind.


The next Board meeting will be June 13th at 7:00pm in Rosenberger Hall.

The Planning Committee will meet June 6th at Whiteacre Hall.

The next Membership Meeting will occur on Monday, July 18th in Griffith Hall.

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