FOCP Members Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2011

Minutes of the Friends of Clark Park Members Meeting
Monday, April 11, 2011, 7:00 – 8:30pm
Griffith Hall, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Present: Ed Halligan, President; Frank Chance, Past President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Fran Byers, Darco Lalevic, Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarajan, Daryl Stovall, Barbara Turner, Tony West

Absent: Sarah Coburn, Ben Gollotti, Linda Schnolis, Brian Siano, Kathleen Turner

Guests: Alan Butkovitz – Controller, City of Philadelphia
Peter Collopy – Mariposa Food Co-op

Announcements and Introductions

Alan Butkovitz, Controller, City of Philadelphia – Mr. Butkovitz discussed growth in Philadelphia and the school funding problem. The City of Philadelphia school system is in dire straits and will not having funding to support programming, infrastructure. There will be a %15-%20 deficit in the annual budget. Education will be a dominant issue in the city’s politics and governance in coming years. The city is changing the way they will charge property owners for storm water treatment. This will be expensive for some business owners. The property tax reassessment will likely occur in 2013. The issue will impact homeowners. Some people will receive decreases, some will receive increases. The Controller’s Office is conducting a forensic audit of the Sherriff’s Office. Many problems were discovered regarding bookkeeping, titles, and violations of city regulations. The Controller’s Office came to the Friends of Clark Park because they are looking for feedback from community groups. He then took questions.

Peter Collopy – Mariposa Co-op – Mariposa is a local grocery store that is owned and largely run by its membership, over 700 members. All members do work each month to run the business. The store is expanding into a large store at 4824 Baltimore Avenue. Much construction and renovation will occur this summer, with opening expected in October. Membership structures will be changing and shopping will be open to all community members. They will have community meetings on Tuesday, May 3rd, and Saturday, May 7th in the new space. They are beginning a campaign for new members now. New members can invest equity and sign up now. Information is available at He then took questions.

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee Report

Frank Chance, Past President – A Park construction is in its final phases. Most above ground work is finished. Happening now is soil remediation, mulching, and preparing the soil to be planted with grass. Large areas will be seeded and sodded. For six weeks after planting, the fence will be up. FoCP has requested the fence to remain up until June 1st, although depending on planting, it might be later. We received a $62,000 grant for installation of a flower garden that will be professionally installed but maintained by the FoCP Garden Committee. A newly reformed Garden Committee has been identified, with a new Co-Chair, Lisa McDonald Hanes. Updates will be available on the FoCP website.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Moriarty, Treasurer –The Paul Brooks Scholarship Fund and soccer program are notable items. $17,557 in available funds. The Revitalization Fund still slightly outstanding.

Old/New Business:

Criminology class at Penn – students studying criminology came to observe the meeting. They were interested in crime preventing strategies in the park. High usage is the key, lighting.

Fran Byers notes, anyone who has concerns about crime should attend a community meeting at the Calvary Community Center on April 21st.

Announcements: Love Your Park spring cleanup on Saturday, April 16th. Meet Frank at 9am near shed. The May Fair will be held at 43rd & Chester on May 7th .

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