Summer Solstice Festival Arrives June 25

On Saturday, June 25, we will be celebrating Clark Park’s Summer Solstice Music and Art Festival. We will have over 40 vendors and 9 bands will gathering together to perform and vend. The Festival traditionally happens on the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox annually. The festival is time to celebrate West Philly generally and includes both rock and non-rock acts, kids activities, arts and crafts and vendors.

(Schedule and history after the break)

A Little Bit of History…

Since 1970, the Clark Park Music and Arts Festival has been a neighborhood tradition at 43rd & Chester Ave. The Festivals provide an excellent forum for residents to meet their neighbors and benefit from the artistic wealth of Philadelphia.

Responding to the needs of a changing community, the Festival has grown in scope. Today the Festival includes children’s events and activities, arts and crafts vending, a greater diversity of performances to include all kinds of music, dance and theater, and a chance for non profit organizations to reach out to the neighborhood about all sorts of issues. Volunteers of all kinds from anywhere are encouraged to participate.

Past performances have included The Dead Milkmen, The Goats and many others. This year’s musical performances include the doom jazzy power trio of Philadelphia’s own Stinking Lizaveta; the return of EDO, the smart, irreverent and delightfully absurd West Philly legends soon to be releasing a record 10 years in the making; and hardcore skate rock pioneers McRad, led by Chuck Treece; as well as many more. The festival will start at noon and continue till 7 pm. Come out and enjoy the free music, art and vendors.

Full lineup:

1. Lion Versus, 12:30-1 (stage 1)

2. Mount Joy, 1:15-1:45 (stage 2)

3. Early Ape, 2-2:30 (stage 1)

4. Bedroom Problems, 2:45-3:25 (stage 2)

5. Arrah and the Ferns, 3:40-4:20 (stage 1)

6. Psychic Teens, 4:40-5:20 (stage 2)

7. Serpent Throne, 5;35-6:05 (stage 1)

8. Samsara, 6:20-7 (stage 2)

9. DangerBirds, 7:15-8 (stage 1)

For more information on Clark Park Music & Arts Festival, please visit:

Allison Paul, Director, Clark Park Music & Arts Festival, 267-253-4976,

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