Planning Committee Minutes, July 11, 2011

Planning Committee 7/11/2011

In attendance: Darryl Stovall, chair; Frank Chance, Ed Halligan, FoCP President; Tony West,  Kathleen Turner, and Molly Roth.

Guest: Joe McNulty, UCD Bicycle rack czar,

The committee approved a plan forwarded by chess players to place up to 4 Chess tables in the Park A Plaza and anchor them with cables to the light poles.

The committee approved a plan to place 5 sets of 4 inverted-U bicycle racks on the perimeter of the park.  They will be placed on Baltimore near 43d and 44th,  on Chester near 43rd and 44th (if it existed) and on 45th near Kingsessing.

We held a discussion of who has authority over C Park–what the exact limits of the USP lease might be and so forth.  This segued into discussion of the placement of the Scheherezade statue– we will bring up the statue placement at the partnership meeting tomorrow, and ask USP to reconsider the C Park Plaza site.

We also discussed alternate sites for the statue, and walked over to B Park,   A possible site is between the shuffleboard court and the bowl.

We also discussed possible sites for a memorial bicycle rack, placed along the walk north of the shed.  Site would be visible from the bowl, convenient for Youth Soccer League coaches and other bowl users.  We saw at least 5 bicycles laid on the grass of the bowl as well.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.


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