Clark Park products at Cafe Press!

The Friends of Clark Park are now selling products through Cafe Press! We’ve got T-shirts of all shapes and sizes, plus hoodies and sweatshirts, a nice range of carrying bags, coffee mugs, iPad covers, and even dog T-shirts! If you’d like to support the park, and the work we do, go to and shop around!

We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. On most weekends in the summer, Tony West has brought out several tables’ worth of fine Clark Park merchandise to sell, to raise funds for the Friends and the work we’ve been doing. The table’s become a valuable part of what we do. Not only has it earned us some money, but it’s become the go-to place to get your questions answered, to find out where you can help support the Park, and to find those terrific T-shirts with that lovely garland logo.

Our new Cafe Press store ( can’t take the place of our table. But it will enable us to raise some merchandising funds during the winter months. It’ll also enable people who don’t live in West Philly to snag a T-shirt– there are a lot of people who have, for some unfathomable reason or another, left West Philadelphia, and occasionally they ask us if they can get a T-shirt sent to them. People can also purchase at Cafe Press and have the items shipped anywhere in the country. And it’ll give us a chance to test-market products that we might start selling at the table, too.

Have a look at!

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