Open Call for Clark Park Historical Materials

The Friends of Clark Park would like to ask our neighbors and supporters to share any and all materials they may have about the history of Clark Park– especially before 1990.

We’ve recently assembled most of our known archival materials in one place. We’ve found a lot of fascinating material (for example, a lot of newspaper coverage of the damage done to the Little Nell statue in the 1990s). But Clark Park’s been around since the 1880s, and a lot has probably happened here.

Also, we came across a reference to a document titled “Clark Park History,” written inn 1974 by Edythe Ferris and Robert A. Brothers. But we can’t locate a copy of this. We’re certain that one exists, somewhere in West Philadelphia.

So, if you have any photos, news clippings, history texts, or access to these, please contact Brian Siano at

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