New FoCP officers and directors were elected

Annual elections for Friends of Clark Park were held tonight. At the Fall Membership Meeting, FoCP’s current Secretary, Erin Engelstad, was elected President. Doug Naphas, whom FoCP Members chose as a Director last year, will become the new Secretary.

Continuing as Treasurer is Bill Moriarty, who has held this post since sometime before 2000, with one brief interlude when our bylaws forced us to live without him for a year. We fixed those bylaws fast! But Bill must be reelected by the Members every year, since FoCP is a deeply democratic association.

Vice President Brian Siano was reelected to a second term. Directors Fran Byers (a founding Member of FoCP) and Barbara Turner were reelected to 2-year terms. A Past President, Frank Chance, joins Centurion Chess Club leader Richard Lawrence in new 2-year terms. Mukethe Kawinzi, who manages the Food Trust Farmers’ Market, and Michael Munson, who leads exercise classes in the park, were elected to fill expired 1-year terms.

Some past FoCP elections have been dramatic & fiercely contested. This one went calmly, though. The association presented a complete slate and there were no challengers, so the election was by acclamation.

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