Love Your Park Day, November 5th

Saturday was a beautiful day. It started cold, with planning meetings in the park and preparations to plant daffodils, mulch around the edges, and rake leaves into rings around our trees. There would also be shed organization, trash removal, and other fun features.

A few minutes after nine, the volunteer students began to arrive. We put them to work, supplying gloves and rakes, shovels and bulbs, and, eventually, pizza and sodas. They came from USP, our partner on the south end of the park, but we assigned most of their tasks in A Park. At the peak, there were almost 40 of them, joined by a dozen Friends of Clark Park volunteers.

We finished up around noon, with pizza supplied by our friends at Colonial Pizza, who threw in half a dozen bottles of soda for free. Some rakers, including Bridget and Bill, continued on until after 1 PM! We were able to plant a crate of daffodils, clear the grass of many leaves, empty all the trash cans, and reseed the volleyball area.

Thank you to all the volunteers, especially to Ed Halligan and Erin Englestad, Lisa and Bryan Haines, all the students from USP, Bill Johnson and Bridget. And additional thanks to the Farmer’s Market for the whoopie pies, and to Colonial Pizza for lunch.

We know more leaves will fall, so look forward to the announcement of a smaller cleanup day, probably on Saturday, December 3.

Frank L. Chance, Maintenance Chair.

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