Planning Committee Meeting Notes, Oct. 17th, 2011

Present: Committee Chair Darryl Stovall, Abby Thaker, Frank Chance, Michael Munson, Doug Naphas, Marla Burkhalter, Brian Siano

Tables and Chairs in Winter

Discussion of where to store the Park A tables and chairs during the winter. At the upcoming Partnership meeting, USP and UCD will be asked to store them.

Bicycle Racks

Map of Bike Rack Locations

UCD has a dozen or so U-shaped bicycle racks ready to be installed. Doug Naphas, Erin Englestad and Sarah Coburn have consulted park users and compiled a map of recommended locations.

The proposed memorial bicycle rack is still in progress. $3500 is needed, and $2000 has been raised via Kickstarter. PlanCom recommends that the FOCP donate an additional $500.  PlanCom also recommends a location along 45th street, between the Shed and the shuffleboard court.

Lighting in Park B

Parks and Rec reports that the problem is a wiring issue. PlanCom recommends talking to the City Committee for Parks to get the lighting repaired.

Grass in Parks A and the Bowl

Grass seed will be spread in the volleyball area. (NOTE: Since the PlanCom meeting, Bryan Haines, Frank Chance and others have spread the grass seed and installed “Keep off the Grass” signs.)

We are trying to get Paul Vogt, an grass expert from Parks and Rec to advise us on how to grow grass in the Bowl. We have not been able to nail down a meeting/consultation date, but we’ll keep trying.

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