Parks & Rec Dept Unveils New Picnic and Special Event Permits

We recently received the following letter from the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, announcing that the new Department of Parks and Recreation has released their new event permit policies.

As you know, we work very closely with the organizers of the park’s large events, and we’ll be prepping a detailed FAQ about what this means for Clark Park. In the meantime, here’s the letter.

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Philadelphia, PA 19129
Tel: 215-879-8159
Fax: 215-879-8833

Dear Friends of Clark Park,

As spring approaches, many folks have begun to think about planning special events and picnics for the coming months. If you have, it’s good timing, because the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation has just unveiled their new special event permit and picnic permit policies.

The Department’s expressed goal with these policies and applications is to provide a fair, predictable, transparent and balanced approach to permitting special events and picnics. The policies and applications are the result of over six months of analysis of former Recreation Department and Fairmount Park procedures, research into peer cities and input received from a focus group convened in December 2011 to review draft policies and applications. Issuing permits will assure a permit holder access to a site and requested support and will allow the department to document use.

Thank you for all that you do for Philadelphia’s parks.

The Philadelphia Parks Alliance

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