Clark Park Science Discovery Day April 29, 11-4.

Clark Park Science Discovery Day

FREE! Sunday, April 29, 2012 11:00AM-4:00PM

Discover science in your own neighborhood! Meet local scientists and students as they reveal the wonders of historic Clark Park. Dig into an archaeological excavation in Woodland Cemetery, pick up the physics of basketball, check out the science behind why you should wear a helmet when riding your bike, deploy seed bombs, understand the smells of the outdoors, explore bird-watching, and discover creepy crawly creatures in the dirt. The Philadelphia Science Festival goes local in West Philly with more than 20 interactive, hands-on activities throughout the park from the neighborhood’s universities, research centers, and institutions.

For a fun-filled day of free science activities, first check out Clark Park, located between 43rd and 45th Streets and Chester and Woodland Avenues, and then venture down to the Woodlands Cemetery at 4000 Woodland Avenue to uncover clues in a science scavenger hunt!

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