Love Your Park Week Kicks off in Clark Park!

A handful of earthworms!

After Friends of Clark Park members and other volunteers spent the morning cleaning, weeding and mulching, neighborhood Girl Scout Troop #92373 gave a very special, slimy, crawly gift to the Park’s gardens!

The Girl Scouts released 18,000 ladybugs and 10 pounds of earthworms in the garden bed along the HMS School fence! The scouts had used their cookie-sale money to buy the ladybugs and earthworms, and nurtured them until they were ready to be released.

At the Spring FOCP membership meeting, scouts Zoe Kwasnicki and Margaux Engel told us that the earthworms would help aerate the soil in the garden beds, and the ladybugs would gobble up aphids and other insects that would be harmful to the plants.

Girl Scout leader Amy Kwasnicki and scouts prepare the "critters" for release.

Lots more pictures of the scouts (and all the extra neighborhood kids who joined in) on our Facebook page!




Photographer: Mary Sarbaugh

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