FOCP Clarifies Permit Issues in meeting

The University City Review recently contact former FOCP President Frank Chance about rumors regarding the city’s new permit policies. The article is at

“That’s one of the reasons why the FoCP has formed an Activity Location Committee, which met for the first time on June 7th. The committee’s formation came in response to new rules issued after the merger between Fairmount Park and the city’s Rec Department. The Department of Recreation will now designate certain areas of city parks for either picnics, sporting activities and special events, Chance explained. As a result, the FoCP formed the Activity Location Committee as a way to make recommendations to the Department of Parks and Recreation for where those designated areas will be in Clark Park. While the Department of Parks and Recreation will make the final decision, the FoCP, “did not like the idea of Parks and Recreation making a decision without community input. And Parks and Rec does not like that either,” Chance explained. “They want community input.” Chance, then went on to encourage those engaged in the park’s use to join the Activity Location Committee, which has many future meetings planned before it finalizing any recommendations.”



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