Cancel the Kayak Races!

The Bowl post-Sandy

Clark Park seems to have come through the storm remarkably well.  There are some small  branches down — several near the Tot Lot — but no trees or large branches.  As one would expect, the Bowl is wet and muddy, but there’s no standing water. It looks like the kayak races will need to be rescheduled.

Small branches down near Tot Lot

The chairs and tables in the north park plaza have been released from their bondage and can be returned to their regular scattering whenever the sun comes out — Clark the Turtle is looking lonely and will be very happy for the company!

Clark, the wet and lonely turtle

Thank you to Molly Sarbaugh for the photos!

P.S. We picked up a Data Traveler flashdrive from one of the chess benches in the park, white and bright green. Email if it’s yours.

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