Tripping the Light Fantastic at Dickens’ Birthday

The Kingsessing Morris Men enlivened the Feb. 3 celebration of Charles Dickens’ 201st birthday, aka the “University City Super Bowl”.

“Please, sir, I want some more.” Cindy Roberts dishes out her extraordinary trifle, a classic Victorian dessert, at the indoor birthday party at Griffith Hall on USP campus, where talented actors read gripping excerpts from Dickens’ novels & personal letters.

Former FoCP President Frank Chance presides as youngsters scramble up the Dickens statue to lay wreaths on his head & Little Nell’s. The buzz was that this year’s program – which focused on classic villains of Dickens, as well as fascinating glimpses of his life delved from his copious letters – was the most polished party ever.

A proper morris dance involves a great deal of stick-whacking. This team has been active in West Philly for 30 years.

After their performance, the morris men led FoCP members in a reel. Here Caitlin Zacharias sashays to the head of the line & back.

Bob Behr, an FoCP member who is active in the Dickens Fellowship, prepares to escort FoCP President Erin Engelstad down the line.

Democratic 27th Ward Leader Carol Jenkins is about to make a bridge under which all the other dancers will pass.

Yay! Erin gets a check from Joe Duffy on behalf of the Dickens Fellowship for $2,250 to replace the decrepit benches in the much-loved, hard-used Dickens Circle.

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