“Holi for Toddlers” (Children 5 and Under)

Hello Clark Park lovers!

HOLI is an Indian festival celebrating spring. Children will throw colored rice flour in the air and on each other! This will take place at 10am Saturday, Mar 30 in the North Park, above Chester.

It won’t take long. Could this be fun for your young one — & for you?

Please bring your own colored rice flour. Here is a recipe:
http://www.ehow.com/how_8298922_make-colored-flour-festival-colors.html. If you cannot do this, please email dalalsimons@gmail.com to reserve some pre-made flour, which is very limited in quantity.

If it is warm enough, we could make colored water and put it in spray bottles as well.

It’s best to wear light, old clothing that you don’t care about. It’s more fun if it is light-colored because we’ll be able to see the colors much better!

This merry spring children’s festival is open to all. Planning is Picnic Style: bring snacks for yourself and to share. And don’t forget a towel to clean up all the color!

–Geeta Simons

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