‘Party in the Park’ Is Open to All – but Free Beer for Joiners

The whole purpose of Friends of Clark Park’s PARTY IN THE PARK is to help the whole community celebrate West Philly’s sacred green soul. That’s why it’s free!

But we still want you to join Philadelphia’s strongest park-support group. The money we give helps keep this park special.

That goes for you too, roommates & housemates! If there are at least 2 of you living at the same address, you qualify for a Household Membership (2 votes for $25 dues). That’s only $12.50 per person….

AND if your Household joins FoCP at PARTY IN THE PARK, that’s 2 of you who get a free Dock Street beer, with the next beers @$3. Membership has its privileges. Beer for nonmembers is $5.

So do the right thing by Clark Park next Saturday evening, 4-8pm! Show up & join up. Bring your roomies, recruit your homies, support the park, sample the brew, hang out with your family, meet the neighbors, enjoy a spring evening & have a good time. Surely everybody you know should become a Friend of Clark Park….

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