FOCP Letter regarding Development of 4224 Baltimore

The Friends of Clark Park organized a committee to evaluate the design proposals for U2 Venture’s development of the property at 4224 Baltimore Avenue. The following letter was sent to Barry Grossbach, chair of the Spruce Hill Community Association’s Zoning Committee:

Spruce Hill Community Association
Zoning Committee
257 S. 45th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Barry Grossbach,

As a close neighbor to the 4224 development, the Friends of Clark Park have a vested interest in the future of the site. We have appointed a committee on the topic. The committee members have attended the public meetings held regarding the site hosted by U3Ventures and made recommendations to the larger membership which have been approved and agreed upon. The Friends of Clark Park is in favor of the proposed project by U3Ventures with the following recommendations/stipulations:

  • The portion of the building facing the park should be low and inviting.
  • We prefer the design of the building to include terracing and include as many green features as possible.
  • The project must support the efforts of the existing Farmers’ Market.
  • Retail should be limited to certain smaller, community-oriented retailers and should be encumbered as such to require this stipulation remain in the future.
  • The Friends of Clark Park look with favor on the idea of building a proportion of condo units into the development, to support a desirable owner-renter balance in the community which in turn will support the park.

Thank you for your consideration of these recommendations.


Erin Engelstad

President, Friends of Clark Park


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