Clark Park Equinox Festival Is On!

On Saturday, Sep. 21 over 40 vendors and 9 bands will gather to celebrate the community supported Clark Park Fall Equinox Festival. The Festival happens on the Saturday closest to the Summer solstice and Fall equinox annually.

Since 1970, the Clark Park Music & Arts Festival has been a neighborhood tradition. They are a forum for residents to meet their neighbors and benefit from the artistic wealth of Philadelphia. Responding to the needs of a changing community, the Festival has grown in scope. Today the Festival includes children’s face painting, arts and crafts vending, a greater diversity of music performances and a chance for nonprofit organizations to reach out to the neighborhood.

Each year the Clark Park festival focuses on the incredible local music scene. This year’s musical performance include Philly’s 7-piece rock band Southworks, The Fleeting Ends, The Districts, Jackie Paper, The Deadeyes, Seismic Thrust, Black Stars, THATAFS, and Thee, Idea Men. Come out and enjoy the free music, art and vendors.

The festival starts at noon and will continue till sundown. Free!

For more information on Clark Park Music & Arts Festival, please visit:

–Joshua M. Craft
Music Director
Clark Park Music & Arts Festival

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