‘High Noon’ at sunset, with ‘Broken Cameras’

Summer movie nights in Clark Park are a wrap this weekend. So keep an open date for FREE MOVIES on the west bank of the Bowl at 7:30, when it grows dark.
High Noon
Saturday’s headliner is one of the handful of black-&-white Westerns that became iconic films: Fred Zinneman’s High Noon, starring Gary Cooper. Watch it & you’ll see why that is. A gripping, cynical portrayal of when public opinion turns cowardly, leaving an honorable retired lawman to be stalked by an ex-convict he had once captured, long years ago. Its cinematography is drop-dead gorgeous.

This film comes to us from the archives of Jim Kietzman, who comes from an old West Philly family. Kietzman is the leading collector of classic movies in University City.

This show is sponsored by Friends of Clark Park.

Friday kicks off the weekend with 5 Broken Windows, shown by Philadelphia International Action Center to conclude its summer film series. It’s a documentary about a Palestinian videographer who starts documenting Israeli land grabs around his village.

The weather looks fair for both nights. Temperatures will drop into the 60s, so dress accordingly. Bring a blanket & a cooler, bring children & friends, but be respectful of others & watch the show like ladies & gentlemen.

–Tony West
FoCP Large Events Committee Chair

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