Apology for that “Tree Removal” note

I’m Brian Siano, contributor to the Friends of Clark Park web page. I’d like to apologize to all of our readers and supporters for that note about tree removals. That was a newsletter article from 2010, when the Park A reconstruction was in progress. It is NOT a new news item about Clark Park, and as far as I know, we aren’t planning any tree removals anytime soon.

So why did that article appear? Well, I had the idea of putting some of our older materials on our website, and enhance its value as an archive of our park’s history and the work the FOCP has accomplished. Most recently, I created pages containing photo galleries of the 2011 Park A Revitalization and the 2007 Basketball Court Rebuild.

I also decided to try taking older newsletter articles, and inserting them into our website as backdated news posts. That way, they’re archived. (Eventually we’ll put up PDFs of our old newsletters.) So, I took an an article I wrote in 2010 and posted it to our news feed. However, I forgot to turn off the option that sends new articles to our subscribers.

Again, I apologize for setting off any alarm bells.

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