Help us save 4224 Baltimore from deleterious development

View-Looking-EastThe Friends of Clark Park are in favor of meaningful, sustainable development and feel as though U3 Ventures successfully incorporated community input into their proposed structure at 4224 Baltimore. Please join us in petitioning Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell to save the location from bad development by signing our petition at View the full text of the petition after the jump.

Councilwoman Blackwell,

I urge you to take swift action to prevent the by-right development of 4224 Baltimore Avenue. Its current zoning classification does not take into account the extreme importance to West Philadelphia of Clark Park, which is immediately adjacent, and the proposed by-right structure would do grievous harm to the park at the heart of our neighborhood. The proposal by U3 Ventures is the best way to develop this site for all Philadelphia, including its business community; it will best increase the value of all surrounding land and best preserve every citizen’s interests.


Sign the petition to ensure that we do not get stuck with a by-right development which does not take into account neighborhood character or community needs and feedback.

The bad development proposal is for a plain, bare-bones “RM1” apartment complex, no street landscaping or open space, built to the sidewalk, 38 feet tall. It will have 92 rental units with no more than 6 parking spaces. It will be an ugly warren pitched exclusively to short-term students. Other examples of this style can be seen within a short walk from the park.

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