WHAT WOULD The Bad Development at 43rd & Baltimore Look Like?

It’s much easier to obtain advance visuals from developers who care about their building’s looks than from those who plan to build the cheapest, ugliest building permissible.  For this reason, it is hard to show pictures of the bad development at 4224 Baltimore Ave that Friends of Clark Park opposes.
45th St by right

Here is an image that illustrates our case. It is of damage that has already been done to the park perimeter down toward Woodland along 45th Street. The “by-right” building — what we’ll get for the next 60 years if we don’t act swiftly — will look pretty much like these — only on a scale 10 times bigger. We’re not kidding.

Our park is pretty as a picture, & all West Philly likes it that way & wants it to grow that way. So do we. But every picture needs a proper frame. As of now, by-right zoning isn’t right for our community park.

Please help save Clark Park & West Philadelphia! We can do better than this. West Philly is a better neighborhood than this.

Go to this Change.org online petition below & sign. It takes 60 seconds. Express yourself. Defend the park. Do it now — time is short. Your community will always be grateful that you spoke out!

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