Park Etiquette: A Brief Guide


Dear Park User,

If at all possible, please take your trash with you. If this isn’t possible, please use the trash and recycling cans. Put trash in bags next to cans if trash cans are full.
Vehicles are only permitted on paved surfaces briefly, to drop off equipment. Vehicles cause soil compaction, which is bad for roots.
All groups of 50 or more, or those using amplified sound, must apply for a permit. “Picnic Permits” do not allow for amplified sound. More information about permits:


Do not dump charcoal briquettes in park. keep them in your grill and take them home. They are not good for plants.
Clean up after all pets (dogs, horses, etc.). Fresh manure isn’t good for plants or people.
Following these rules make the park nice for everyone. Thanks for your cooperation.


The Friends of Clark Park

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