Tree Removal Update




You may have noticed the interesting tree trunk laying on the ground by the tot lot.  This sentinel of the park, likely dating to its inception, has an intriguing story. The arborist crew removing the trunk of the London Plane ran into an obstacle they have never encountered before. The tree had grown around and engulfed a stone! We had the hungry tree instead of the hungry caterpillar at the playground. The stone feed the tree for a time but may have lead to its demise in the end.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) acted swiftly over the past two weeks to remove two hazard trees hanging over the playgrounds of Clark Park. One tree had been identified for removal and marked earlier this summer at the tot lot but while the arbor crew was on-site, a second hazard tree was identified in the older children’s play area for imminent removal. The Department moved quickly and efficiently to adjust their work plan to remove both trees entirely, including the stumps. They added in another nearby stump for removal that frees a spot for the Friends to work on tree replacements. (two pics attached of the successive work, one shows the extra stump in the foreground just as the canopy was starting to be removed, second one demonstrates the show the work put on for those in the park these past two weeks).

A key facet of the project was PPR adding ground protection mats to the scope of work purchase. These mats will be able to be used in future projects around the city to protect soil and paved areas from damage of heavy equipment such as that needed to take down the large trees.

Join us in thanking the department for removing these hazards and saluting them for continuing to innovate on best management practices in our parks!



Update: The tree removal is well under way, and will continue on November 18th.   We have been told that one playground should be open later tomorrow.

The removal of the large London Plane tree on the west side of the playground has finally been confirmed for November 17th, and work may continue on the 18th if necessary.  This will require a brief closure of the playground for safety’s sake. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure that Clark Park is a safe and beautiful place to play for years to come!

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