Members Meeting April 17: New PP&R Dog Policy


Our next  Members Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 17 from 7 PM in Griffith Hall of USciences.

The primary agenda item is discussion of the new dog policy established by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.  Highlights include the following:

A volunteer neighborhood group can petition to start a dog run in a park. There are currently seven. The group must establish that there is strong community support, & also that it is willing & able to maintain the run independently of PP&R.

A park group can also petition to establish a dog-free zone. This comes with signage & all.

A citywide animal-control team has been contracted by the city to respond to & deal with low-grade dog offenses & issues. There is a number people can call. The police will respond to actual attacks by dogs on humans.

Outside a dog run, the leash law is in effect. The leash must be 6′ or shorter.

There is a nice list of other commonsense dog dos & don’ts.

PP&R understands the culture of de facto off-leash dog areas like the Bowl & it will leave well enough alone. As long as “unpermitted” dog use takes place in an orderly way, without arousing problems in the community, PP&R has no intention of interfering.

Please let me know if there are other agenda items for the meeting.

Frank L. Chance, Secretary
Friends of Clark Park
PO Box 31908, Philadelphia PA 19104
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