Trash Collection Update

Over the past few weeks we have noticed and heard from the Clark Park community about some of the trash collection issues around the park. We wanted to reach and ensure that the users of Clark Park know that the Friends of Clark Park are aware of the issue and have been working closely with the city to try to rectify the situation.

Last night the Friends of Clark Park board held our regular monthly meeting.  In addition to board members, Patty-Pat Koslowski, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PP&R) Stewardship Coordinator attended, and we spent over an hour with her talking about trash, staffing, events, and other problems in Clark Park.   She proved (as she often does) to be not only a font of information but also to have good insights into our issues.

While two SMA (Seasonal Maintenance Associate) positions were assigned to Clark Park, one of the two quit earlier in the summer. Our remaining SMA is working Monday through Friday and a weekend replacement is being sought, but the process is a bit difficult including three background checks required by city and state regulations.   In the meantime trash has been a bit of a problem, but a PP&R crew will begin Tuesday, August 22 to make extra cleanup efforts.  In short, the trash issues have been reported to PP&R and we are continuing to with PP&R leadership to find a solution; please be patient.

We also discussed responses to numerous other issues ongoing in the park including the growing homeless community and influx of large events. We have notified Project H.O.M.E. (a homeless support group) about the issue and are expecting quick resolution. We will continue to work with local organizations to make the park experience the best possible and please continue to let us know any issues you may have.

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