A big thank you for everyone who has signed up to help with cleanup in Clark Park this coming Saturday.   We plan to start at 9:30 AM at 45th and Kingsessing.  There is limited street parking near Clark Park, but the site is readily accessible from the SEPTA trolley lines.  For Route 34, get off at 45th and Baltimore and walk south two blocks to Kingsessing.   For Route 13, got off at 45th and Chester and walk south one block.  For Route 11 or Route 36, get off at 45th and Woodland and walk north one block to Kingsessing.   When you arrive you should sign in and fill out a waiver form.   Coffee, donuts, and water will be available while we work. We will finish between noon and 1 PM.
Lisa McDonald Hanes, Frank Chance, and other Friends of Clark Park board members will meet you and lead groups to perform various cleanup tasks in the park.  These tasks will range from raking leaves and general trash pickup to changing out full trash bags for empty ones.   We normally rake the leaves into rings around our trees, a system we call mulching in place, which keeps the nutrients from the leaves in the park where they grew.  Other volunteers will sweep the walks, police the area for trash, and generally prepare Clark Park
Remember to dress appropriately.  The weather forecast looks pretty good, with partly cloudy skies and a high in the low 60’s, but you might want to dress in layers because we will be working hard enough to warm up a bit.  Also be prepared for a potentially dirty work.  We will provide work gloves and tools, but if you have a favorite rake or other cleaning tool feel free to bring it along.
We look forward to meeting you on Saturday.
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