Special Events

Note for 2011: As the City reorganizes the Department of Parks and Recreation, many of its policies regarding permits are in flux. We will provide up-to-date information as soon as we get it.

Clark Park is host to events large and small. If you’re interested in holding a Large Event in Clark Park, please consult our FAQ page (see menu above) for information on permits, restrictions, scheduling, porta-potties, etc. The major and regular events in the Park include:

The Farmers’ Markets

The Farmers’ Markets are held every Saturday from 10-2 all year round, ¬†and on Thursdays from 2 pm until 7 pm in the summer. The markets are sponsored by the Philadelphia Food Trust.

Dickens Day Celebration

We celebrate the birthday of Charles Dickens in early February. A small celebration of readings and performances is held on the USP campus, followed by a pilgrimage to the Dickens statue and a singing of “Happy Birthday.”

Uhuru Flea Markets

Beginning in April, and continuing into October, the Uhuru Solidarity Commttee hosts a monthly flea market in the park. See Uhuru Flea Markets at Blogspot for details.

The Clark Park Music and Arts Festivals

A 40-year tradition on the Spring and Summer Solstices, you can find The Clark Park Music and Arts Festival on Facebook.

The Best Fest

Follow the Philly Best Fest on Twitter.

The Woodland Avenue Reunion

(Material needed)

Veterans’ Day Celebration

(Material needed)

Bark in the Park

(Material needed)

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  1. Karen Sarkissian

    I am a crafter and sell my wares at festivals and fairs. I noted though Internet research that you hold annual events where crafters can participate. I was unable, however, to find any information or applications regarding such events (my apologies if I missed what was directly in front of me). Would you kindly let me know if any events are upcoming and/or direct me to such information.

    Thank you!

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