Board and Officers


Lisa McDonald Hanes, President (focp.president at gmail dot com)
Barbara Nolan,Vice-President
Bill Moriarty, Treasurer
Frank Chance, Secretary
Doug Naphas, Past President

Current officer and director appointments are effective from October 24, 2016.


Fran Byers
Carol Jenkins
Kevin Kearney
Ari Kessler
Jean-Marie Kouassi
Mary Anne Lucey
Chip Natarajan
Milan Marvelous
Kevin Roche
Darryl Stovall
Samir Thaker
Barbara Turner
Kathleen Turner
Anthony West
Don Webster

Standing Committee Chairs

All members of the Friends of Clark Park are welcome to be part of our many committees. Contact FoCP (215) 552-8186 if you’re interested in increasing your involvement in Clark Park.

Audit: Fran Byers, Bill Moriarty, Douglas Naphas
Communications: Ari Kessler
Fundraising: Frank Chance
Lisa Hanes
Samir Thaker
Large Events: Tony West
Membership: Kathleen Turner (Interim)
Nominations: Erin Engelstad
Planning: Frank Chance
Safety: Darryl Stovall
Special Programs: Fran Byers

Youth Soccer: Kathleen Turner

Project Leaders

All members of the Friends of Clark Park are also welcome to participate in our individual projects. Contact FoCP  (215) 552-8186 if you’re interested. Project leaders need not be FoCP officers or directors. Take this opportunity to make a difference!

Parliamentarian: Frank Chance
Festivals: Erin Engelstad, Anthony West

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