Honoring Those Who Have Served – Friends of Clark Park Veterans Day Commemoration

Troop 152 Boy Scouts display the flag, Veterans Day Commemoration, November 2016.

Saturday, November 11 – 11:00 am – at the Gettysburg Stone in Clark Park, near 44th and Baltimore Ave.

Please join the Friends of Clark Park, students of the HMS School and the Boy Scouts in honoring all those who have served in the Armed Forces.  Featured will be Temple Professor Anthony “Andy” Waskie, a historian who re-enacts the deeds of General George G. Meade.   All are welcome.

Are you a veteran?  If so, we would like to recognize and honor you. Please email your name and phone number to frbyers@aol.com.

Satterlee Artifacts Unearthed

Two artifacts dating from the Civil War military Satterlee General Hospital have been found in Clark Park. They were turned up in the soil of the volleyball pitch by accident after a heavy rain several years ago, before the reconstruction of the North Park (“A” Park), by veteran volleyballer Jim Matson, who has kept them to this day.
Copy of artifacts 1
Matson has researched the two objects. He says one is a Civil War-period rifle bullet. The other is a button from a uniform of a unit of German sharpshooters that was recruited by the United States Army.

The volleyball pitch lies either just inside the SW corner of Satterlee, or just outside it, on or beside Baltimore Pike. The pike was the main access road to Satterlee. It ran alongside the west bank of Mill Creek’s meadow at that point.

The Gettysburg Stone nearby is a monument to Satterlee, which treated all the wounded of the Army of the Potomac, from Bull Run to Appomattox.

–Tony West
Copy of artifacts 2