Meet FoCP’s New Officers & Directors for 2017

2016-boardFRIENDS OF CLARK PARK elected its annual Officers & Directors on Oct. 25 at its public Membership Meeting at Griffith Hall on USciences campus.

Elected to new office or continuing from last year’s election, 18 Officers & Directors will guide West Philadelphia’s premier regional park until October 2017. We rounded up 14 of them after the meeting & here they are, R-L:

Kevin Kearney, Tony West, Fran Byers & Chip Natarajan, Directors; Frank Chance, Secretary; Barbara Nolan, Vice President; Mary Anne Lucey, Milan Marvelous & Darryl Stovall, Directors; Lisa McDonald Hanes, President; & Don Webster, Ari Kessler, Jean Marie Kouassi, Samir Thaker & Kevin Roche, Directors.

P.S.: Those who missed the photo-op are still very much part of the park team!

Planning Committee Meeting Notes, Oct. 17th, 2011

Present: Committee Chair Darryl Stovall, Abby Thaker, Frank Chance, Michael Munson, Doug Naphas, Marla Burkhalter, Brian Siano

Tables and Chairs in Winter

Discussion of where to store the Park A tables and chairs during the winter. At the upcoming Partnership meeting, USP and UCD will be asked to store them.

Bicycle Racks

Map of Bike Rack Locations

UCD has a dozen or so U-shaped bicycle racks ready to be installed. Doug Naphas, Erin Englestad and Sarah Coburn have consulted park users and compiled a map of recommended locations.

The proposed memorial bicycle rack is still in progress. $3500 is needed, and $2000 has been raised via Kickstarter. PlanCom recommends that the FOCP donate an additional $500.  PlanCom also recommends a location along 45th street, between the Shed and the shuffleboard court.

Lighting in Park B

Parks and Rec reports that the problem is a wiring issue. PlanCom recommends talking to the City Committee for Parks to get the lighting repaired.

Grass in Parks A and the Bowl

Grass seed will be spread in the volleyball area. (NOTE: Since the PlanCom meeting, Bryan Haines, Frank Chance and others have spread the grass seed and installed “Keep off the Grass” signs.)

We are trying to get Paul Vogt, an grass expert from Parks and Rec to advise us on how to grow grass in the Bowl. We have not been able to nail down a meeting/consultation date, but we’ll keep trying.

September 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Friends of Clark Park Board Meeting

Monday, September 26, 2011

7:00 – 8:30pm

Rosenberger Hall, Rm. 100, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

 Present: Brian Siano, Vice President; Frank Chance, Past President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Fran Byers, Sarah Coburn, Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarajan, Daryl Stovall, Barbara Turner, Tony West

Absent: Ed Halligan, President; Ben Gollotti, Darco Lalevic, Linda Schnolis, Kathleen Turner

Guest: David Comberg – Penn Design professor, speaking about the Dickens 200th Birthday Celebration (representing self)

Call to Order and WelcomeBrian Siano, Vice President

General Observations of the Park During the Summer – 

Frank Chance: General Report on Summer: A Park is in in pretty good shape. We are holding strong at 57 chairs remaining in the Plaza. The grass along 43rd Street is thoroughly worn from the Farmers’ Market. The sidewalk along Baltimore Ave. has extensive damage, has been reported to city many times.

Park B has water issues after the large rains, but it is dissipating. Five lights are out, these have been reported to Parks & Rec., but nothing has been done.

Park C is in fairly good shape overall.

The summer maintenance person, Thomas, is doing a good job despite health issues. His appointment ends around the 1st of November. Employment opportunities should be sent to him.

Brian Siano: Scheherazade sculpture – Joe Mooney, sculptor, wanted to donate this statue. The FoCP Planning Committee recommended the sculpture be placed at the corner of C Park. At the last membership meeting issues were brought up regarding safety, the idea was rejected. The Planning Committee is investigating other possible locations. The Planning Committee submitted a formal recommendation that the sculpture be placed in B Park adjacent to the shuffleboard court near 45th & Chester Ave.

Frank put forth a motion to vote. Fran seconded. The Board voted unanimously to recommend the site for the location to Parks & Rec.

Fran Byers: The Charles Dickens Birthday Party will be February 5th, celebrating his 200th birthday.

David Cromberg: David teaches a design class. For the 200th Birthday, he would like his class, as a project, to design something that would be part of the celebration. There is some money in a Dickens fund.  The Dickens Fellowship has offered $1,000 for improvements to the Dickens statue site, perhaps the class could assist with this project.

Frank Chance will work with the class to work on these ideas with the class.

Daryll Stovall – Motion to to delegate a small committee on the Board to work on these two items (one permanent, one TBD “ephemeral”), to culminate in the Dickens birthday celebration in Feb. Tony West modifies the motion to include:  The President or acting President will name the Committee. The motion is seconded. All vote in favor in a unanimous vote.

Election of Officers and Directors – October 24th, 2011

Erin Engelstad, Nominations Chair: A new president is needed. Ed Halligan will be stepping down. Steve Micola was appointed to the Board. A newsletter will be put together. The new Board will discuss the future fate of the newsletter.

Fran will ask Lt. McBride to come to the membership meeting. Sarah and Doug will assist Tony with articles for the newsletter.

Treasurers Report: Bill Moriarty: The Treasurer’s Report was distributed. The books are closed for FY ’11. Audit will be conducted. Soccer has started again for fall, books are in good shape. Dickens Fellowship – we received $1000 in Oct. 2007 from Bob Behr for improvements in the Dickens statue area, none has been used. Phillies game for the tree endowment netted $988. The Tree Endowment contains $14,152. Has earned over $957.00, not quite enough to use for tree maintenance. Lou Melman has suggested that we begin a short term tree maintenance fund that could be used right away.

Frank motions to create a Tree Maintenance Fund of $1000 from General Funds. Seconded by Tony West. All approve.

Bread and Roses – We have $600. $500 to Philadelphia Parks Alliance, $100 will go to Tree Maintenance Fund. Motion put forth by Tony, all approve.

In November, a meeting is needed to discuss efforts to get some money to refill coffers depleted by Park A project.

Soccer Report: Kathleen Turner: (Submitted via email prior to meeting)
We have 11 teams playing this year and have filled up completely for two age groups; we’ve put out word that there is still space for a few more 5-6 and 7-8 year olds and anticipate filling up those teams next Saturday (the iffy weather probably kept some people away on Saturday).  We have several new sponsors this year – Firehouse Bicycles, Rep. James Roebuck and Modell’s Sporting Goods, Eric Clark (in memoriam) and Spruce Hill Community Association.  Modell’s sponsorship was in the form of gift cards that we’ll use to purchase some new equipment.


Fran Byers: Oct 8th at 2:00pm – Bark in the Park near 43rd & Chester

Sat. Nov. 12th 11:00am – Veterans Day Event

Membership – Fran recently did another mailing.

Douglas Naphas: Bike Racks have been delivered. They have not been installed. Doug will complete paperwork and talk to the installation guy and email the person who wants to donate a memorial bike rack.

Motion to adjourn approved.

FOCP Board Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2011

Friends of Clark Park Board Meeting

Monday, May 16, 2011, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Rosenberger Hall, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Present:  Ed Halligan, President; Frank Chance, Past President; Brian Siano, Vice President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Fran Byers, Sarah Coburn, Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarajan, Daryl Stovall, Barbara Turner, Kathleen Turner, Tony West

Absent: Darco Lalevic, Ben Gollotti, Linda Schnolis

Guests: Ali Hoehne and one other rep. from Uhuru Flea Markets

Juliet Marcella – Wayfinder Experience, capture the flag Continue reading

FOCP Members Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2011

Minutes of the Friends of Clark Park Members Meeting
Monday, April 11, 2011, 7:00 – 8:30pm
Griffith Hall, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Present: Ed Halligan, President; Frank Chance, Past President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Erin Engelstad, Secretary; Michael Brennan, Fran Byers, Darco Lalevic, Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarajan, Daryl Stovall, Barbara Turner, Tony West

Absent: Sarah Coburn, Ben Gollotti, Linda Schnolis, Brian Siano, Kathleen Turner

Guests: Alan Butkovitz – Controller, City of Philadelphia
Peter Collopy – Mariposa Food Co-op

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FOCP Board Minutes, December 13, 2010

Friends of Clark Park Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, December 13, 2010
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Rosenberger Hall

Present: Ed Halligan, President; Brian Siano, Vice-President; Erin Englestad, Secretary; Fran Byers, Ben Gollotti, Darryl Stovall, Kathleen Turner

Absent: Michael Brennan, Sarah Coburn, Frank Chance, Past President; Douglas Naphas, Chip Natarayan, Linda Schnolis, Jonathan Snyder, Past President; Bill Moriarty, Treasurer; Barbara Turner, Tony West

Guests: Danielle Denk, Milan Marvelous, West Philadelphia Urban Living Studio
Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

General News and Reports

Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia led a discussion of the progress the City has made regarding hePhiladelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The City has completed Phase One and will soon commence Phase Two (Northeast, West and Souhwest Philadelphia). They are currently completing a survey of West Philadelphia. Our FoCP Master Plan was forwarded to the Streets Department for consideration in the plan. Bicycle recommendations will be discussed at an upcoming Planning Committee meeting.

Danielle Denk and Milan Marvelous of the West Philadelphia Urban Living Studio presented a proposal they are developing to connect park space to the Schuylkill River via an extension of the Schuylkill River Trail and the development of a sister park, the Mill Creek Park. A motion was passed to endorse a feasibility study for the project and for the Friends of Clark Park to serve as fiscal sponsor for the study.

Status of A Park

Ed Halligan reported A Park construction and reopening is on track. We do not know when the lightas will be rstored. Construction barriers will likely remain intact until April. No large events will be held in Park A in 2011.

Committee Reports

Membership: Fran Byers reported that she and Tony West are currently updating the membership list and sending renewal notices.

Maintenance: Committee Chair Frank Chance is absent and unable to present a report. The issue of the FOCP Board having access to the Moon maintenance Contract was raised again. Ed Halligan will look into it.

Large events: Tony West reported the Committee will be having a follow-up meeting on Tuesday, December 21st. The Dept., of Parks and Recreation is vague about what to do with permit applications in 2011. The Committee will present recommendations to the department.

Kathleen Turner inquired about archival processes for the FoCP Board. Mike Brennan suggested creating an online wiki that board members could access. A small web task force will be set up for FoCP web presence and archival issues.