Cleaning Clark Park

Trash in Clark Park has been an issue for years and has been a major focus of the Friends of Clark Park. We have always worked in partnership Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) to advocate for additional trash service and provide extra resources. These partnerships have led to PPR staffing the park with 2 Seasonal Maintenance Attendants who help keep the park clean in the peak season and the creation of a Park Ambassador position to provide support services.

Clean Clark Park Initiative

As our lovely park continues to grow in popularity and attract more visitors and events, trash has overflowed and the current level of support hasn’t been enough. We have heard your complaints and have been disgusted ourselves with the trash situation this last season.

Since last summer we have been working with the PPR leadership team to gain a better understanding of our options to resolve Clark Park’s trash problem. We have developed new cleanup requirements for some of our larger events and are in the process of identifying other solutions, but the truth is the department is challenged with budget limitations and resources for park maintenance. While we are going to keep working on improvements with PPR longer term, to combat the issues at hand we will be launching a new program called Clean Clark Park.

As part of this initiative Friends of Clark Park has decided to hire in a private contractor to supplement the existing PPR Seasonal Maintenance Attendants to keep the park clean primarily on weekends during the peak season. This should help keep the park trash and litter free for everyone to enjoy.

How You Can Help

We are also performing regular monthly park volunteering events to have community groups and business help maintain the park throughout the year with clean ups, mulching, and gardening. If you know a group that is looking for monthly volunteering opportunities or want to help us yourself please let us know at

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