Maintenance Issues: Frank Chance

Clark Park doesn’t maintain itself. The Department of Parks and recreation performs as best as it can, but Clark Park also benefits from two other efforts. The first is a Seasonal Maintenance man, paid for by the Clark Park Partnership, who helps gather the trash.

The second is a Supplemental Maintenance contract with Moon Site Management. This is a large-scale program to keep the grass cut, prune trees, and distribute fertilizers. For several years, this program was paid for via the Party for the Park. But in 2011, the University City District has agreed to make the $50,000 annual cost a line-item in its annual budget (i.e., they’re paying for a lot of important maintenance).


Clark Park is the first city park with a recycling program Thanks to the cooperation of our partners, the University of the Sciences and the HMS School, the park now has blue trash bins for recyclables (paper and plastic).

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